Barrier Methods - A

Male & Female Condom, Spermicides

Male Condom

Male Condom

What is it?

  • form of contraception that is made of latex and worn on penis

  • keeps semen from entering vagina

Different forms of Condoms

  • Flavors (scotch, bacon, garlic)

  • different shapes

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How to put on?

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Effectiveness and World Use

Is it effective?

  • Research done by amfAR

- “when used correctly, 80-95% effective in reducing the risk of HIV”

- permeable to STD pathogens

World Use

  • Most in USA (63.8%)

  • Least in Middle East (38.4%)


  • around $1 in USA

Pros and Cons


  • prevent pregnancy, STDs

  • have no hormonal side effects

  • can be stopped at any time

  • easy to find and use

  • men of any age can use them


  • increase of immoral sex (without marriage, prostitute)

  • embarrassed to buy

  • few people are allergic to latex condoms, or the lubricants

  • slip off

  • can be weaken and may break during use

Cultural and Religious values


  1. Latinos

  • traditional gender roles

  • women are afraid to negotiate safe sex

  1. Africans

  • beliefs

  • beneficial for women’s health and baby’s growth


  • Catholic and Muslim

- opposes any kind of sex without marriage or contraception

Female Condom

What is it?

  • pouch that is worn around the cervix

  • blocks the cervix


  • With sponge
  • Without sponge
  • With tampon

How to put on?

1. Squeeze the smaller ring at the closed end
2. Insert it deep into vagina
3. The smaller ring should sit over the cervix
4. The bigger ring should remain visible outside

Effectiveness and World Use

Is it effective?
  • According to The United States Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) they are 79 - 95% effective

World Use
  • Less developed countries in Africa like South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe and many more


  • $2 - $4

Pros and Cons

  • Protect STDs

  • reliable method of preventing pregnancy if used correctly

  • use them when you are having sex (not permanent, long period of time)


  • It can break or leak
  • It is much more expansive
  • It is sometimes difficult to insert
  • Makes a noticeable sound during sexual intercourse

Cultural and Religious Values

  1. Africans
  • Wanted bigger families in order to be protected
  • Shows there is no trust


  • Catholic, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam

-opposes any kind of sex until marriage or contraception

  • Islam

- In Indonesia religious leaders are divided in their stand


What is it?

  • contraceptive substance that kills sperm before it reaches uterus
  • goes into vagina before sex, and stops sperm from moving
  • only useful for one hour

Different forms

  • contraceptive sponge
  • Vaginal Contraceptive Film (VCF)
  • Contraceptive Foam or Gel

  • tablets

How to put on?


  • Woman should insert the applicator into vagina and squirt the foam (30min before sex)


  • squeeze the sponge and insert it deep into vagina (15 min before sex)

VCF (film)

  • fold it in half, and again
  • place the film near the cervix 15min before sex

Effectiveness and World Use

Is it effective?

  • 70% - 80% (when used alone)

World Use

  • A lot of people use it


  • $0.50 - $1.50 (film is more expansive than gel)

Pros and Cons


  • Doesn't cost much
  • Available at many stores/drugstores
  • Don't need a prescription
  • Easy to use and convenient to get hold off


  • transfers STDs
  • detergent inside it can disrupt cell membranes
  • Lasts for a short period of time
  • May interrupt love making
  • May irritate your vagina or partners penis
  • Hard to remember to use if your drunk

Culture and religious values


: any culture that opposes contraception


: mainly Islam and Catholic, as they opposes any form of contraception