Principal's Corner #15 & #16

December 16, 2019

I will not send a Principal Corner on Friday, so I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful winter break. I encourage you to turn on your auto responses in Outlook, turn off work, and enjoy the two week break!

It is important that we take care of ourselves and make sure we are present with our families and friends....really present! Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our students and families. I appreciate you and the work you do, so thank you!


Don't forget to join in the fun these last 5 days.

Our students are invited to join in the fun on December 17-20.
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  • To the entire staff, Thank you for supporting the Specials Team with our school wide community service project - The Boodle Boxes! We appreciate your help getting the word out with your students, donating cash to pay for shipping, buying gift cards, donating amazing goodies for the boxes and for being a community of just darn good people!!!

From your Specials Team

  • To Sarah Campbell for always being positive, supportive and ready to help! I appreciate everything you do for our kids.

From Shana Eilers

  • To Erin Wehrle and Lisa Gelwick for dividing and conquering. I appreciate you!
  • To Jackie, Kelli, Jen, and Brooke for dividing and conquering. I appreciate your willingness to do so last minute.
  • To 5th Grade for brainstorming and supporting one another. We got this!
  • To everyone who has been flexible with scheduling and rescheduling meetings with me. I know it is an inconvenience, but I appreciate your understanding and professionalism.
  • To Joan Salinger for not giving up; I don't know what I would do with you!
  • To Melissa Adler for your constant words of encouragement. It makes a difference.

From Katie Johnson

  • To Kristina Layman for leading the Math Cohort this year and for inspiring me (and others) to be better for my students! You are AMAZING!

From Brooke Hall

  • To Megan McDermott for the many hats you wear throughout the day and all the lunches you work through - we appreciate you!

From Allison Leggieri

  • To the Cottonwood Creek Teachers, thank you for being great classroom teachers to collaborate with and flexible with testing pull-outs, SIGS completions, openness to changing GT schedules and giving me grace as I have been learning the ins and outs of this position. I genuinely am glad to be at Cottonwood and appreciate the friendliness of the staff. Thank you!

From Sarah Campbell

  • To The Caring Cougar Social Committee for working hard to plan our staff holiday party! It will be great to celebrate with everyone!
  • To Kathy Jansen, thanks so much for covering a teammate’s class when there were no subs to be found. You are amazing!
  • To Joan Salinger for exhausting all resources to get sub coverage during this crazy time of year!

From Natalie Morris

  • To Melissa Adler, thank you for always having a smile on your face and being so positive! You always brighten my day!

From Caroline Garey

  • To Shana Eilers for the laughs and good times with our reading buddies! You have an impressive group of 1st are an awesome teacher!
  • To Joan Salinger for being Joan one else can do what you do. Just, thank you!
  • To Glenda, Sally, Kameron, Debbie C, Lisa G, Ann, Dennstedt and Amy for taking care of each other and our teammates who need us right now.

From Erin Wehrle

  • To Glenda Cole, thanks for collaborating and always working hard to do what is best for kids! I love planning with you! Thanks for sharing resources and prep with me!!

From Rebecca Buell

FYI - I have invited our students to participate in the 4 days of spirit fun next week! See below.

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Literacy from Lois

  • During the district IRLA Workshop on Monday, December 9th, a new resource was shared with teachers. The resource is a foundational/phonics toolkit geared for intermediate teachers with students working on power goals in the 1B to 2R color bands. Please click here to learn more about the resource.

  • For those that have not yet accessed the CCSD Elementary Literacy tile, the access code is below: M9HK2-FWND8

  • You may have noticed a new icon in School Pace (see image below). The MLL (Multilingual Learner) icon shows which power goals are considered high-leverage power goals for Multilingual Learners. We do not yet have a copy of the MLL Guide. I will share more information about the guide as it becomes available.

  • In a separate email, I shared a link to a survey regarding my role as the literacy coach. The survey is brief and the intent is for me to use the feedback to continue to build my capacity as a literacy coach and to see how I can best support the literacy needs at Cottonwood. The survey is anonymous and I truly appreciate your honest feedback. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey by Friday, December 20th.

  • I will be out of the building on Dec. 18th and 19th for Emergenetics training. I will be here from 7:30-11:30 on Friday, December 20th.

Please feel free to reach out for any questions or clarifications. Thank you for all that you do!

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Spring PTO Auction will be here before we know it! Use the form below to request 'Buy It Now" items during the auction.

Differentiation Download

Kameron Riley and Amy Bainbridge are Cottonwood Creek’s Differentiation Coaches! This year Kameron and Amy will be hosting professional development at Cottonwood Creek on Monday, Jan. 13. The goal of this day is to get some ideas on how you can provide some differentiation in your classroom. Instead of giving up your plan time, you will have the opportunity to have Kameron or Amy provide a 30-minute mini-lesson in your classroom.

This will allow you to observe differentiation live and in person.

If you are interested, please check out the Sign Up Genius link.

CHECK THIS OUT – one of our very own Cougars – Go Sarah!

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  • Thursday, December 19: Staff Party (invite above)
  • Monday, December 23-Friday, January 3: Winter Break (In case you didn't know)
  • Monday, January 6: Non-Contact Day - Staff Meeting 9:30-11:30 Breakfast will be provided
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