Prions Disease

By: Emma Smith

What is Prions disease?

Prions disease is a group of conditions that affect peoples brains and nervous systems which might affect their memory,personality behavior and sometimes even how their body functions.

History of Prions disease

The disease was first found around 200 years ago in sheep

Symptoms of Prions disease

Symptoms of Prions disease include behavioral symptoms such as aggression, loss of interest,personality, anxiety or depression. symptoms also include communication issues. Another symptom is losing intellect and or memory. Having loss in balance or control is another symptom. Having problems swallowing is another symptom.

What agent causes Prions disease

Prions disease is caused by agents known as proteins, not the good kind.

How is Prions disease spread?

Prions disease can be spread through infected meat products. Another way is through blood relatives because mutations such as the PRNP gene.

Diagnosis / treatment / prevention

  • Prions disease by a variety of tests
  • As of now there is no cure for Prions disease
  • The main prevention of Prions disease is properly sterilizing medical equipment