The Diary Of Anne Frank

Anne Frank

Theme 1

Anne and her family and the other families showed hope many times during throughout the book.

One great example is near the end of the book when Mr.Frank is reading the diary "We lived so far with fear but now we can live with hope" (433). What Mr.Frank means by saying that is when they fear every little step they made; they thought someone would come in and take them and kill them.

As far what he was saying they were gonna be glad to go to the concentration camp and see their loved ones again.

Whenever the sirens would come by they would hide and hope that the nazis wouldn't come to the hideout. (pg.400). This means that whenever they would hear every footstep they hear they get freaked out because they don't know what to expect during the night time and day time.

Near the end the families were praying that the nazis wouldn't come in and torture them as bad "The news of the war was good. The British and Americans were sweeping through France. We felt sure that they would get to us in time" (pg.434) This shows hope by how Anne knowing that she'll live and have a happy life! No matter what happened she would calm herself and everybody else.


Theme 2

The theme we must show course when faced w/obstacles, is shown throughout The Diary Of Anne Frank. Anne shows courage when her family goes into hiding. In her diary, she says "it's the silence in the nights that frightens me the most" (381) This shows courage because although Anne is scared, she continues on. Another example of courage is Mr.Kraler and Miep helping the families in the annex. Anne writes, "If the nazis found out that they were hiding us they would suffer the same fate that we would"(381) Kraler and Meip show courage because they do not have to help and be in harms way, but they do because it is the right thing to do. The final example of courage in The Diary Of Anne Frank is when they're found by the Green Police the play reads , "She is longer a child but woman with courage to meet what lies ahead" (433) again this shows that Anne has courage comes next . These are examples of how we need courage when faced with obstacles.

Anne's symbol

The Air horn represents Anne because she is very loud. Anne is a loud girl and I know this because Peter called her miss.quack quack. (383) Anne also has a big, big mouth; she says everything out loud. When Anne yells "RUDE" is really loud. (387) This is the symbol the represents Anne Frank.