6th Grade Reading & Technology

Monday, November 10

Edmodo and Your Child

I have used Edmodo in previous years, but not to the extent that I am this year. I realize that it has been a challenge to both students and parents because it is new and unfamiliar. In the long run, I believe that it is a good thing for the children to use Edmodo for keeping up with their assignments, storing their work in a virtual backpack and uploading assignments to their teachers. I understand that this is what Bartram Trail High School does and our students will definitely be at an advantage if they learn to do it in middle school. Last week, I decided to post a weekly agenda on the Edmodo wall to let you know what your child is working on in class. With every teacher posting on Edmodo, students should not only be familiar with it, but they should be accessing it regularly. Let me know if you have questions about Edmodo, or other issues about our class.

Reading Plus Update

Many students have worked hard to complete all 10 of the required Reading Plus activities for the week by Friday of each week. These "early finishers" are rewarded by receiving Raider Bucks and small prizes. When I ask these students how they were able to accomplish this, most said they work on the program at home AND at school. This seems to be the strategy of the most successful students. There are also quite a large number of students who are doing very little work in Reading Plus, either at school or at home. When you see a 50% completion grade in HAC, this is an indication that your child completed 50% or less of the 10 activities. I have been conferencing with those students to try to find out why they are not working. Please encourage your child to work on Reading Plus at home, especially the SeeReader portion since it is where the comprehension grade comes from.

This Week's Web Picks...


"Determine the central ideas or conclusions of a text; provide an accurate summary of the text distinct from prior knowledge or opinions."

Although this video is from a ninth-grade class, you can see how a teacher might develop a lesson to guide students to show mastery of this standard. (We used to call this "main idea".) Today's students must not only determine the "central theme" or summary of a text, but they are required to show evidence for those claims in writing. This is considered a "high-level" thinking skill and must be emphasized at all levels to prepare students for college and twenty-first century careers.

Agenda for this week...

Monday, Nov. 10--Silver Day

Tuesday, Nov. 11--Veteran's Day Holiday

Wednesday, Nov. 12 & Thursday, Nov. 13--Summative Test on Keyboard Shortcuts (Click link to study!)

Friday--Black Day

Activities: Reading Plus--Complete 10 activities each week, Typing Web--Log at least 30 minutes each week and finish Beginner program, Bear in There poem--Formatting Text and inserting graphics.