Jaguar News

Volume 3, Issue1 - August 16, 2019

Dear Families,

Welcome to a new school year! We are so excited about partnering with you in educating your children.

With the new school year, students have new opportunities to apply the skills they learned and start anew in all their classes. As always, we want to provide opportunities for them to own their education and choices, while we support them in the process. At Gentry, our goal is to have responsible students that thrive with the challenges middle school presents, and that are ready for the freedoms high school will offer.

We want to share with you this article about 10 skills middle schoolers need to be successful, and how you can help as a parent.

Here are the highlights:

1. Make good friend choices

2. Work in teams and negotiate conflict

3. Manage a student-teacher mismatch

4. Create organization and homework systems

5. Monitor and take responsibility for grades

6. Learn to self-advocate

7. Self-regulate emotions

8. Cultivate passions and recognize limitations

9. Make responsible, safe, and ethical choices

10. Create and innovate

Thank you for your constant support!

Welcome Our New Staff Members

Help us welcome our new staff members!


Season Higgins


Tara Frearson


Nathan Casey - 7th grade

Andrea Holdiman - 7th grade


Renee Winters

Information Technology

John Fuller


Michelle Haas - 7th grade

Dorcas Quian - 6th grade

Danielle Ryan - 8th grade

David Woldengen - 7th grade


Sara Korman


Melanie Manning - 7th grade

Social Studies

Courtney Haas - 7th grade

Special Education

Brandon Kinkead

Carrie Shakelford

Support Staff

Kevin Cheadle

Farida Khan

Justin Mart

Nathan Mudrick


Christina Nedrow

Bell Schedule

Please, notice that our bell schedule has changed and Advisory/RtI has been moved to 3rd period. Students have a core or elective class at 7:30 am. Make sure your students arrive to school on time so they don't miss class!

You can find out bell schedule HERE.

Drop off/Pick up Procedures

- Students must be in their classroom no later than 7:30 am. Students need to be in the building at 7:20 am. Plan accordingly.

- Students can be dropped off at 6:50 am. Doors open at 7:00 am, but we will let them into the building earlier depending on the weather.

- Pull up as far as you can in front of the building to drop off your student.

- Encourage your student to get out of the car as soon as you are by the curve. You don't have to wait until you are in front of the building, even if it is raining...

- All students must be picked up or dropped off by the curb. If you park in the lot, escort your child to and from the car.

- Cars may begin entering the bus area at 7:20 am or when the buses have left.

- Pick up your student(s) no later than 3:00 pm, unless they are staying for a supervised after-school activity.

- Parents need to make arrangements with their students ahead of time for pick up. Make sure you communicate with them if they are to ride the bus or wait to be picked up. If you need to call the office to change arrangements it must be done before 2:00 pm.

*** Traffic regulations apply at Gentry Middle School - Do not speed, and use the correct lane when turning (Use right lane if turning right, left lane if turning left) ***

Click on the link below to watch Mr. Bornhauser explain the drop off/pick up procedures!

Let Them Be Responsible

Middle School is the perfect time for students to start taking on more responsibilities, such as being accountable for all their school materials. We understand that as parents you want to make your student's life easier, however, by not bringing their forgotten items, we allow them to grow and to be more proactive in the future. This will also help us as a school, since it is extremely difficult for us to distribute forgotten items to such a large student population.

As a new practice, we will ask that if you need to drop off something for your student, you do it before 9:00 am. Items will be distributed to students during 3rd period. If you drop something off for your student after 9:00 am, it will be given to them the next day. Please, keep in mind that this practice includes lunch. If you need to bring lunch for your student, do it before 9:00 am.

We are asking our teachers to be graceful while our students get used to the routines of the school year. Please, partner with us while we help our students grow.

Back to School Night

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, 8/20, from 6:00-7:30 pm for our Back to School Night. Please bring a copy of your child’s schedule and have your child accompany you to walk you through their day, locker, classes, etc. We will begin in the gym at 6:00 pm with a presentation about the school year and information you will need for the evening. We are excited to see you!

Office Hours

This is a reminder that our office hours at Gentry are 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.

PTSA Update

Welcome Back Gentry Families. We are excited to kick off another awesome year at GMS. Just a few notes from our PTSA Board as we start settling back into our routines...

-We would love for you to join PTSA, if you have not already done so. We are attaching the membership form here. By joining, you will be notified of various PTSA sponsored events throughout the year that will allow you to stay involved in your student's educational experience while at GMS. A portion of the membership dues also go straight back to our classrooms for teacher support throughout the year.

-We started handing out our annual cookie dough fundraiser packets at back-to-school on Tuesday. If we missed you, your student should be bringing those packets home by today. This fundraiser is incredibly important to our school as it enables our PTSA to support various activities throughout the year. (Including but not limited to: field trips, teacher grants each semester, concession stand, support of clubs/student organizations, teacher & staff appreciation throughout the year, etc.) If your family does not participate in fundraising, no problem. We ask that you consider making a donation instead. You can do so by sending it in with your student anytime before 9/4/19. This also happens to be the collection date for all fundraising packets. We THANK YOU in advance for supporting GMS and our students!

-Our online spiritwear store is up and running! This is the only time we are planning to have the store open, so if your student, (or you), would like to show some school spirit throughout the year, this is your chance. The link to that site is

The online store will be open through Monday, 9/2/19. Get your "Jag Swag" before it's too late!

-Our first PTSA meeting will be held on Wednesday, 8/21/19 in the GMS Media Center at 6pm. We will introduce this years' board members and talk about our annual budget and ways that you can get/stay involved while at GMS. We hope to see everyone there!

Clubs Info

If you student is interested in participating in Clubs, they will receive more information through advisory in the near future!

Cell Phones at School

Students may use their phones during lunch time, before 7: 21 am, and after school. Our goal is to teach students how to be responsible with their devices and use them appropriately while facilitating your communication with your student. Please, partner with us to remind your students they should never have their phones out the rest of the day. Students that have to be redirected for cell phone use may receive consequences from their teacher/administrator.

Student Handbook

Please, follow this LINK to find the Student Handbook. You can also find it in the Gentry website under "Family Resources"

Riding the bus with a friend

We realize that occasionally your student will need to ride the bus home with a friend. If this is the case, we will need for you as the parent to write a note stating that your child has permission to do so. Please include in your note: the date your child will be riding, who your child will be riding with and that student’s bus number. Instruct your child to bring that note into the main office on the day that they will be riding with a friend and we will in turn issue your student a buss pass that they can give to the driver to be permitted to ride. The office will not accept emails or phone calls, only parent written notes!

Lunch at Gentry

Parents are always welcome to enjoy an occasional lunch at Gentry with their student, but before you visit we thought you would like a better understanding of our lunchtime guidelines. Our guidelines below are quite simple and by being aware of them we can hopefully alleviate undo parental and student stress on the day of your lunchtime visit.

  • You are welcome to purchase a school lunch through the student lunch line. Our cashiers only accept cash, however, and are unable to make change due to our large student population. An adult school lunch costs $ 3.75.
  • If you wish to carry a lunch in on the day of your visit be sure that the lunch you are bringing in is only for you and your child to share. Due to the overall health concerns of our student population, we cannot have a parent share lunch items or bring in a lunch for any other student other than their own child.
  • Lastly, we do not accept any lunch time food deliveries from local food delivery companies for students.

Nurse Note

Please, check the attached document to review CPS illness guidelines.

All School Fall Play Auditions!

The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet

Please, see the attached information for upcoming auditions on August 19 and 20!

Opportunity for 7th and 8th graders

Attention all current 7th and 8th grade students who are interested in travel, adventure and fun! For the summer of 2020, students will have the chance of a lifetime: a trip to Boston and New York City!!! Experience the magic of seeing history come alive through the streets where the American Revolution was born. See the sights and hear the sounds of one of America’s largest and most diverse cities all while exploring new and exciting places in the world. Ms. Noltie and Mr. Aulgur from the 8th grade team are chaperoning the trip, and any students in 7th or 8th grade are welcome. We will be having an informational meeting in the Gentry Media Center from 6:00-7:00pm on August 28th. All those interested should attend for more information. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Noltie and Mr. Aulgur at this email

**This is not a Gentry or CPS sponsored event, but is organized through the EF Tours organization**

Jumpstart Day

Jumpstart day was August 14th and we welcomed our 6th graders! Students participated in team building activities and had the chance to explore Gentry. It was a fun day!

Dates to Remember

8/19/19 – First Day for After School Activity Bus

8/20/19 – Back to School Night @ 6:00 p.m.

8/28/19 – EF Tour Parent Meeting @ 5:30 p.m in Media Center

9/2/19 – No School – Labor Day

For practices and games check Gentry website!