how to stay safe online?

what is digital footprint?

Digital footprint is when you post any picture online. And then when you delete that picture it still stays there. Never post anything inappropriate because any one can screenshot it and they can track you down. Also if you try to delete that picture then it will still stay there in ten years but you will think you have deleted it. The consequences will be, that they will try to track you down and then make you do wrong things that you wouldn't want to do.

what are the dangers of talking to strangers online?

You should never talk to any strangers you met online. This is because you don't know who your talking to . Also they can trick you saying they are young and they are in a particular school , but actually they are some old , fierce men. Also they can try to be nice to you and be your friend, but then they will ask you to post pictures of things and they will ask to meet you. And they can then harm you.

How to deal with bullying?

You can ignore the bully and try to ignore the bullies threat. If you keep saying things to them, then it can get worse and worse. Try to stand up for yourself , and protect yourself by ignoring them or saying nothing to them. If it gets out of hand, then you can contact childline or tell and adult