Cultural Revolution

The Red Guards, How it began, and Effects on Population

How it Began

Who: Who led this was Mao Zedong.

What: What Mao Zedong did is he created a cultural revolution.

Where: This Cultural Revolution happened in China.

When:This happened in the 1960's.

Why: Mao Zedong did that so he could reassert his authority over the chinese government.

The Red Gaurds

Who: Mao Zedong led The Red Guards.

What: What the Red Guards did is they took cultural belongings.

Where: This took place in China.

When:This happened in the 1900's.

Why: Because Mao did not want anyone to do as their ancestors did, he wanted no cultural diversity.

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Effects on Population

Who: Mao Zedong had an effect on the population.

What: The Cultural Revolution had an effect on the population and it killed about 1.5 million people.
Where: This happened in China.
When: It happened from 1977-1997.
Why: Because of Mao's belief over the China's government.