Weekly Launch

April 3-7


I loved hearing how Bayou Wildlife loves when NPE comes to visit because our kids have such great character! The bus driver also said that they love driving NPE kids! What an awesome testament to our character initiative and teachers!

A huge thank you to all the teachers who were willing to open up their classrooms for our ESL learning walk next Friday! We are excited to share all the great things we are doing with SIOP with other campuses. There will be lots of visitors in the building on Friday morning. I know we will be very welcoming to our guests. I am always told how friendly our campus is

Please make sure you are arriving on campus by 7:45 a.m. If you are going to be later than 7:45, please text me or Suzi to let us know. Please make sure you are on time for tutoring if you have before school tutoring. Students are being let into the building for tutoring and their teacher is not here. If you can't make it on time, please let your student's parents know or consider doing after school tutoring. There are not always teammates here to cover for you and they have other things they have planned for that morning time.

Important Dates

April 3-Mega-2nd grade

Wear your college shirt with jeans

April 4-Benchmark-Math 3rd and 4th

National School Librarian Day

Huddle 3:30-Jen M's room

April 5-5th Science Benchmark


April 6-Wear your character shirt with jeans

Suzi out all day

April 7-Character Connection

ESL District Learning Walk

Suzi out all day

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Fairness

Word of the Week-Gumption

Morning Announcements-Bussey

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11 Principles of Character Education

Principle 3-Effective character education uses a comprehensive, intentional, proactive, and effective approach to character development.

In school, students learn as much or more through human example and interaction as they do through instruction. This implicit or "hidden curriculum" says more about the school's beliefs, attitudes, and values than anything in print.

The attitudes, values, and practices that make up much of the moral life of a school, but often go largely unexamined, are the components of the school's "hidden curriculum"

When students have a say in matters that affect them, they become much more invested in their academic work and in helping maintain a positive school climate.

Word of the Week-Compatible

Shout Outs

Shout out to :

-everyone who helped with STAAR! It takes a village!

-Renee and Angela for passing out STAAR snacks to 4th and 5th grade

-Kinder for making goodie bags for 5th grade teachers

Yankee Candle pickup

There will be notices in your box for the kids who sold Yankee Candle items. It is information about pick up. Please makes sure these go home. Item pick-up will be on Thursday, April 6 starting at 2:30.