How to use Excel

if you use these steps you will know everything about Excel

What is Excel?

Excel is a google spreadsheet where all you have to do is fill in the information and you can make any type of chart for any of your needs.

What is a column?

A column is the vertical cell

in google docs it is usually vertical or up and down and is classified as a letter (abcd,etc)

How to use Google Spreadsheet (Basics)

What is a Row?

A row is the opposite of a column it goes horizontally instead of vertically it is numbered instead of lettered.

What is the function button for?

the function button is for adding, subtracting, averaging, etc

what are the four functions?

  • SUM: is when you can add the numbers on the screen.
  • AVERAGE: you can find the middle number in the data.
  • COUNT: you can count the data.
  • MAX: you can find the biggest number in the data.
  • MIN: you can find the lowest number in the data.

How to create a chart

all you have to do is finish your data click on the "insert chart" button and customize your chart to fit your needs.

To move your chart to another sheet all you have to do is click on the move to another sheet button and there you go.

My last three points.

the last three points I want to discuss are data, customizing, and merging cells.

  • Data: the thing about changing data is you can make the numbers you have turn into currency, you can put in decimals with the click of a mouse, all you have to do is push the little "123" button and you can find out how many things you can do.
  • customizing: your creativity even aplies to this. you can color, and do funky things to your numbers and letters.
  • Merging cells: you can merge cells by clicking on the merging cells button and clicking on the cells you want to merge.