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At-A-Glance March 16, 2019 #27

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Students, faculty and staff wear stripes and mis-matched socks on this day.

The family of one of our Life Skills students has asked for our support on this day.

Families will be informed and a flyer will go home on Monday.

See this link to the international website.

See these two videos for more information and potential use with students as an intro:

Chromosomes R Us

Happy World Down Syndrome Day

Important Information and Key Dates


March 2019

March 18 - Data mtg. for grade K (see below); PTA Mtg. 3:30pm - **SurveyWorks begins for students in grades 3-5 and computers set up for parents to complete survey after PTA mtg.**

March 19 - Grade 5 visits Coventry HS - Special Concert Event (permission slip went home on Friday 3/8); Off-Team IEP mtg., 1pm

March 20 - RI/MTSS Mtgs. 7:30am & 8am; Off-team IEP mtg., 10am; Parent Workshop led by Sue Lyons

Week of March 25th is School Safety Week

March 21 - Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day - Students and Faculty/Staff wear striped clothing and mis-matched socks to school

March 22 - 504 planning mtg., 9am (grade 3)

March 27 - RI/MTSS Mtg. 7:30am

March 29 - LifeTouch Spring Photos - schedule TBD; PTA sets up Book Fair after school

April 2019

April 1 - Book Fair Week begins

April 3 - RI/MTSS Mtg. 8am - follow up


Our Mission and Motto:

At Tiogue School, we believe that students can achieve their personal best and become responsible and productive citizens by embracing all learning opportunities each day.

"Everybody is somebody at Tiogue"


We would like faculty/staff representation at each PTA meeting. Talk with your team and colleagues about scheduling a time to come to a meeting this year.

Upcoming PTA Meeting Schedule:

3/18/19 at 6:30pm (Executive Board 6:15pm)

4/22/19 at 3:30pm (Executive Board 3:15pm)

5/20/19 at 6:30pm (Executive Board 6:15pm)

June TBD at 3:30pm (Executive Board 3:15pm)


The FAMOUS: LEN CABRAL...Thanks to our PTA and to Sue Flynn for helping to bring this renowned storyteller to Tiogue.

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Data Mtg. for Grade K - Review Achieve the Core Materials re: Journeys

Monday 3/18 - grade K (2:15pm in room 13)

Trimester ended on March 13th. Aspen Grade book opened on March 11. This runs through March 20th. I will review report cards in Aspen beginning on March 21st.

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New FREE Math Resources - sent by Don

Intro Video link to Desmos

Website to Desmos

Don would like some feedback on the site; check it out, it looks like good stuff!


Accommodation Booklet for 2019 has been released

Practice Tests for ELA

Practice Tests for Mathematics

Our District Testing schedule can be found here as well as within our Tiogue Shared Folder in the Google Drive.

Below are the links to the released items page on the RIDE website, TestNav Released Items and Massachusetts Dept. of Educ. site:




Grade 3-5 teachers also have access to a folder of released items chosen by the elementary principals.

Pennies for Patients - TOTALS: $952 THANK YOU

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Articles and other news

Behavioral Specialist and Math Intervention Schedule:

*Kim Sturdahl will be at Tiogue Monday through Friday*

*Reminder: Do not send students to the office to deliver behavior referrals

Referrals: Please complete all sections of the behavior referral forms for Kim. Be as specific as possible.

Please turn in all referrals to Kim within 24 hours of the infraction or incident.

Infractions involving the location of bathroom trended downward this past week; however, incidents outside on the playground and during other unstructured times increased slightly.

MATHEMATICS: Mary V. will be at Blackrock the week of 3/18/19

Mary just introduced me to the G Fletchy math site:


It is unbelievable - lots of great content, videos and math tools

**Article of the week**

March 16, 2019: Using Graphic Novels in an English class - definitely applies to our level too.

March 9, 2019: Article from FORBES Magazine: What High Schoolers Need to Know More Than Computer Science. VERY INTERESTING!!

March 2, 2019: Self-Regulation Behavior Tips - by Behavior Flip via Twitter

February 16, 2019: The Value of Homework...look at quality, not quantity. EdWeek Blog Post.

February 9, 2019: From the EdWeb online series:

Including Students on the Spectrum: 5 Powerful Strategies

Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 3 p.m. Eastern Time


Presented by Paula Kluth, Ph.D., Author of "You're Going to Love This Kid!"

Visit Teaching All Students

February 2, 2019: From Understood.com- Classroom Strategies for Children with Dyslexia

January 26, 2019: From The Journal: STEM/STEAM Articles

January 19, 2019: From Practical Ed. Tip of the Week -

The Internet Archive contains one of the biggest collections of books that are in the public domain. Before sending students to the Internet Archive to look for free books you should be aware that it does contain some works that you definitely wouldn't want elementary school students to read. Therefore, the best way for teachers to use the Internet Archive is to find what they want students to access then download it and place it into a Google Drive folder or OneNote folder for students to access without having to actually go to the Internet Archive. Watch this video to see how to download books from The Internet Archive.

Previous articles can still be found in the other bulletins.

SEL/Conscious Discipline/Restorative Practice's Corner

SEL/Conscious Discipline/PBIS and other important info.


Week 27: This week's video - World Down Syndrome Day - March 21st - Please show to your classroom of students on Monday prior to March 21st

Please view


Nurse's Corner of important information

Thanks for your support of Pennies for Patients!

We raised $952


Gina D'Aguanno RN

SurveyWorks! information - remember - in lieu of the faculty mtg. in March, please complete a teacher survey

*Our grades 3-5 student surveys will be completed over a 2 week period from March 18th through March 29th.* We need to be at 100% faculty participation by the morning of March 29th.

Faculty and Staff surveys will be completed in lieu of our Faculty Mtg. In March.

Here is survey information for faculty and staff:

District Name: Coventry

School Name: Tiogue School

Access Code to enter surveys.panoramaed.com/ride

For Students in grades 3-5: passcode = 06116student35

For Teachers: passcode = 06116teacher

For Support Professionals: passcode = 06116support

Proctor information:

Please use the Student Survey Proctor guide (for teachers) administering the survey in their homeroom classes. RIDE also developed a draft script that you may find helpful.

Please remember: Parents have been notified in our last 5 newsletters and through our Listserv. They received hard copies of the survey info. as well. I'll offer PTA mtg. time to complete surveys for parents again this year (March 18th mtg.). Last year, we have 2 or 3 people complete surveys after the PTA in the library.