By Lily Aulwes

Ecuadorian National Anthem - "Salve, Oh Patria" (ES/EN)

The Flag

The flag was adopted on November 7, 1900. There are 3 stripes on the flag they are red, blue and yellow. The flag has a emblem in the center. The Red stripe stands for the blood shed from soldiers. Blue stands for the color sea and sky and, yellow being the biggest stands for the richness of land. It also stands for the abundance of crops


Population- 15,654,411

Growth Rate- 1.37%

Urba n Population- 69%


The official language for Ecuador is Spanish. They also speak Kichwa. Indigenous people speak there own language.


Land Iguana




Galápagos Tortoises

Galapágos Sea


Sally Lightfoot Crabs

Marine Iguana

Waved Albatross

Dating and Marriages

When they are younger they get together for dances. They begin dating in groups. When they go on dates they enjoy movies, concert, outdoor activities and Socialize at park or plazas. The women usually marry around 23. The men of Ecuador marry around 25 and are expected to marry before age 30. The legal minimum age is 18 for two people get married. The men visit parent for approval before asking the women to marry him.


The Roman catholic church is a major influence. 95% of Equadorians are roman catholics. Most Ecuadorians practice religion at holidays and festivities. The Roman Catholic Church was the first formal education.

Natural Resources

They have many natural resources a few are petroleum, fish, timber, and hydropower. There are many more natural resources.


Most 15 years of age or older can read and write. The law is all kids must go to school. There is free education. Almost all school in Ecuador wear uniforms.You must buy your own books and supplies. Most school in big cities have a literacy rate of around 90%.


They have many ways of transportation. One way they move from one place to another is buses or a colectivos which is a comfortable short bus. They also use Taxi's like we use here. They have airports so they can fly to different parts of the world. They use shipping to other nations.


What are some of the foods you eat at Ecuador? They have exotic fruits, vegetables, Seafood and Traditional dishes. Ecuador eats 3 meals a day which include small breakfast, big lunch and supper is similar to lunch but it is much smaller. They enjoy snacks and Pastries also.


They play many sports here are a few.

  • Football (soccer)
  • Volleybal
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Pelota nacional
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Boxing


Here are a few of the arts that they have in Ecuador they are Dancing, Music, Flutes and, Painting.
Traditional Ecuadorian Dancers [First dance]


They are democratic. They are divided into 24 provinces. The President and vice president run together. The president serves a 4 year term.

Health and Malnutrition

The government provides medical care for the people. There is not much drinking water access. They battle many diseases in Ecuador. Malnutrition is a major concern for children. 1/4 of Children are malnourished. (dont have enough of the right food.) Around 15% of school population (5-11 years) have not reached there average height.

Children Games

They play many game in there free time like marbles or jump rope. They also like to hope scotch and many more things outside. They also like to use there imagination and play guessing games. They also do rhymes and make up dances and songs.

Life Styles and Jobs

Urban families have around 2 kids. The rural families usually have around 3+ kids. The young girls help mother with the other children and also the housework. The boys start to work at a young age. The father works outside while the mother takes care of the children and housework.

Country and Develoment

The capital of Ecuador is Quito. The area square miles is 109,484. The average life expectancy for a male is 73 and a female is around 78 years of age.

Personal Apperence

The Ecuadorian people wear western style clothing. Older women wear skirts. They younger women wear pants and traditional styles, colors, fabrics, skirts, straw hats and bright colors.


It is a tropical country. The Sierra temp is the same year round. It is usually 60 degrees and cold with snow most of the year. The Eastern and coastal lowlands are hot and humid all year.


There are many landforms in Ecuador. They have Volcanos, Lakes, River, Streams and Islands. Those are just a few landforms Ecuador has.

Fun Facts

Ecuador is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. There is around 37,000 people living with HIV and 40% of them are unaware they are infected with it. Red lights,Stop signs, and cross walks mean nothing to the people of Ecuador. Kids will walk the streets and sell cigarettes and gum. They use lots of hair gel and other hair products. They all drive stick shifts there. The make up is expensive along with sunscreen.


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