How To Be A ladies Man!

So you wanna know how to!

Steps to being a ladies man

Five steps to get on the right track

1. Splash on the choice of your favorite Hollister cologne

2. When your girl smells the scent, smile and be relaxed

3. Give the lady compliments, but don't over compliment her

4. Ask for her number and give her a call.

5. Be yourself, and by "be yourself" I don't mean that every time you are around her eat Doritos and play Black ops.

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The national Find A Lady Foundation

Thursday, May 28th, 6:15-9pm

22 Jump St

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Woman from all over the United states go there to find a nice handsome gentleman and perhaps your that one. Since 1983
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These Hollister colognes are the main ones you want to splash on.


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