Spiritual Adoption Program

42 Weeks - The Baby is Born!

Happy Birthday to your Spiritually Adopted Baby!

Happy Sixth Sunday of Easter!

God bless you all! Today is a wonderful day to rejoice. Your spiritually adopted baby has been born! Your prayers and spiritual support have helped this baby enter the world and helped the mother choose life for her child.

Thank you for your commitment to praying for the mother and her baby who you have spiritually adopted. I encourage you all to continue to pray for your spiritually adopted baby, their parents, and all their family members.

This unique child of God that has been born is like no other. He has his own personality, his own physical features, and will develop his own relationships with his family and those who he encounters. Pray that this child will come to know God through encouragement by his family to grow in faith and love.

Let us give thanks to God this week for this new life through acts of charity and mercy. In Gainesville, there are two abortion centers located near the University, and on days that they have abortions, there is normally a group who goes out to pray. If you are interested in getting in contact with these groups, let me know.

Other acts of charity include donating to local pregnancy centers, offering up a Holy Hour for those lives taken by abortion, or seeking out Respect Life ministries in your home parishes and seeing how you can get involved this summer.

As the new Respect Life student coordinator, I am excited to announce that we have several events and activities planned for this upcoming year. These activities include carpooling to abortion centers to pray, informative workshops, fundraiser events, and spiritual retreats. If you have any questions regarding this ministry, please do not hesitate to email me at cgrespectlife@gmail.com

Again, thank you all for your commitment in this program and I pray God blesses you all with many graces in continuing to participate in spiritual and corporal works to build up the Culture of Life.

God be with you all this blessed Sunday!

For Life,

Teresa Cuesta

Respect Life Student Coordinator

Pray for Life Network Student Liaison