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February 28, 2022

Principal Corner

We had so much fun on 2/22/22! Please see our spirit week for Read Across America. We have extra mustaches for Monday if your child needs one. We will have a Book Character Parade on Friday at 2:00 and would love for you to attend!

We know that AMI is not ideal BUT we did it! We miss all of our students and can't wait to see them on Monday.

Tuesday night is the benefit for Young Elementary at Red Door. Join us for dinner.

Who Are You Buzzing About?

Starting this week, we will be giving out Buzz Awards to our Young teachers and staff. We need YOU to help us recognize those who go above and beyond for our school. As you go through the week, feel free to nominate staff who do extraordinary things! If you see or hear something that is worthy of a Buzz Award, simply fill out this quick form to nominate someone. Awards will be given out each Friday.

Time to Enroll

We are in the process of registering students for the 2022-2023 school year. Your child brought home an information sheet. Please review the phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses to make sure they are correct. List current medical diagnosis, conditions, and/or medications. Please attach an updated electric or gas bill showing your current address to this sheet and return no later than Friday, February 25th. This is required for registration for the 2022-2023 school year. If you are on a continuous transfer request, please send a bill with your current address so we can verify we have the correct information. You will not need to complete another request for transfer.

Do you have an up-and-coming Young Yellowjacket at home? Kindergarten registration is coming up soon. More details will be provided as registration time gets closer, but please mark March 7th as Kindergarten Registration Day on your calendar! Also, Pre-K registration is open! See the graphic below for details!

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Family Music Page- Updated Musical Info found here

Be sure to watch for updated information on Mrs. Low's page. Second-grade information is posted.

Counseling Update

Counseling Lesson Theme- Self Esteem

Of all the things we help our children with, helping them to develop a healthy self-esteem is probably most important. This is because self-esteem affects all aspects of their lives – how they learn, how they interact with friends, how they treat others, how they problem solve, how they handle adversity, and how willing they are to try new things. Self esteem is our beliefs about our self, how capable and loved we feel. It is our shield against life's challenges. Here are some tips to help your child develop healthy self-esteem.

  • Praise your child- Notice when your child has done something well and tell them!

  • Validate their feelings- If your child gets a blow to their self-esteem, they need you to allow them to feel sad, hurt, or mad. Afterwards, you can boost them up with positives.

  • Avoid harmful comparisons- Don’t compare your child to others. Let your child know that it’s okay to be different, and that you don’t expect perfection.

  • Give your child chores- Children learn how to function in groups by learning how their own family cooperates. Set your child up to be a team player by giving age-appropriate chores at home. Offer praise for their work!

  • Spend time with your child- Your children know how busy you are, so when you find 10 minutes to listen about their day or play a game, they will feel worthy and loved. The gift of time spent is worth much more than the gift of money spent.

Here are some more self esteem tips!

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Parent Engagement Survey

The district is collecting feedback on parent and family engagement. Please use this form if you'd like to provide feedback.

Early Release Wednesday

The district is collecting feedback about possible schedule changes for next year. See this newsletter and give your input.

Lunch Menu Change- Monday- Pinwheels/Tuesday- Beacon Cheese Stick

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Upcoming Events

Week of February 28- Read Across America- see graphic above

March 4- Book Character Parade

March 7-8- Student-Led Conferences

March 15- 2nd-grade program

March 21-25- Spring Break

April 11- First Grade Performance

April 12- Class Pictures

April 18- April 22 MAP K-2

April 25-April 29 ACT Aspire

May 2-May 13 MAP 3-5 and Aspire makeups

May 19- Kindergarten Celebration

May 20- 5th Grade Celebration

May 25- Pippin Apple Field Day

May 26- Last student day of school

About our School

  • Bernice Young Elementary was established in August 2000.
  • School mascot is the Yellowjacket
  • School colors are Red, Yellow, and Black
  • National Blue Ribbon School 2020
  • Principal- Christy Norwood
  • Assistant Principal- Sara Kennedy
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