Photoshop CS6

Design and Logos

Making designs and logos in photoshop isn't too difficult if you kow waht you're doing. I chose this topic because I sketched design and i wanted to make it and use it for things. I think this is important because companies need professional logos.

My First Logo

Big image
For this picture I used several layers and to make shapes I used the elpise tool and then i used the bevel and emboss tool to make the shapes look 3D. Then i used one of the text tools to cut out a C then used a regular text tool to put the J under neath the C.

My second JC logo

Big image
For this logo i used rulers to make sure the image is centered. Then I used the pen tool to draw out one shape. then i duplicated the layers and flipped over using the move tool and transform controlls.

3D Design

Big image
I made this 3D image using the pen tool to draw my shapes. Then i had to make 3D extrusions from each layer and then amking out of a no texture material and changing the sttings to make it look glassy. Then later I put a gradient overlay in the back. I then added a spot light moved it till I liked it then i pressed Ctrl+Shift+ to make it pixel like. This was the hardest design I made.

How did I learn?

I basically watched a lot of Youtube videos about photoshop