Potawatomi Immigration

By Maya and Macie


The Potawatomi are a Native American (Indian) tribe. In the forest and rivers, the Potawatomi tribe hunted and fished. This tribe traded with other Native American (Indian) tribes and French traders.


The Potawatomi tribe came from the great lakes region, which is Michigan and Indiana. When they had to leave their homelands, they started to live along the Kansas river near Topeka.


The Potawatomi were forced to move by the US government because they wanted more land. The reason the Potawatomi tribe moved to Kansas was this state's land was given in exchange for their homelands.


The Potawatomi found few forests in Kansas. The reason they had to stop eating fish was that there were not many rivers or lakes. They had to discontinue their traditions because of this.


The Potawatomi tribe came to Kansas in 1846. They were forced onto a small reservation. This move was very stressful to the tribe so they split apart. Instead of Kansas, some of the Potawatomi fled to Canada because of the crowded space in their new reservation.