Election of 1800

Jefferson VS. Adams

Vote for Adams

I think you should vote for John Adams because he belives in a strong army and navy. It would be a good idea because if we got into a war we would be able to protect ourselves. America could be in a lot of trouble if we didn’t have a strong navy. In some of our wars we were outnumbered but we were saved because we had allies. If we didn’t have allies and we were outnumbered we would be dead but if we had a navy we wouldn’t need allies and we wouldn’t be outnumbered.

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Another Reason Why

He also supports the Alien and Sedition Acts because it keeps people from sabotaging the elections. Every election we have, you should at least have lived in America for at least five years. If you haven’t you could have come from a different country and you could totally ruin the election and sabotage the United States. If we didn’t have the Alien and Sedition Acts we would have a messed up government and nothing we make sense.