6th Grade Tutor

email or text me if u want a lesson

The Idea

me and some friends were talking and one of my friends asked me for math help. That's when i got the idea to help some of my friends out to become a tutor for some of my fellow students

how to get the help

I'm a pretty busy kid i'm in the three different clubs so i don't really have the time to sit down and work with them in person so i have a Skype to video call me and work over the computer and email me what you need help you will need to email me to get my Skype username or if u just want some study tips

My Classes Top Subject's

Im Gonna Try To Help You Raise Your Grades :)

My Email

You can email me at smithlilly2022@gmail.com

Alex Gruetze

Alex is very good with science and math. You can reach her at her email wich is Obey.alex039@gmail.com we
will both be open to talk to at most hours.

Lilly Smith

Lilly is really good with math and social studies. You can reach her at her email Smithlilly2022@gmail.com we will both be open to talk at most hours.