Food Facts

Some things that you have to know!

Food in the world

Food is very important and necessary for us. Without food, people in a few days will die because of hungry. To transportate food to supermarkets and groceries, people need to carry the food in some transportation. The food can travel thousand of miles to reach their destination. To better understand this, here are some facts:


1.- Food in the UK now travels 50% further than it did 15 years ago

2.- Transportation of food is responsible for 33% of the increase in road freight over 15 years

3.- Here in the UK, road transport is the only source of a greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) that's still increasing

Problems with the pollution in the UK, increased by the transport of food.

To demostrate that some food in the UK travels a lot of miles to reach their destination, and contaminate the air in the world, we'll compare two vegetables.

The first is in the supermarket, and it's a packet of beans. It comes from Kenya and has travelled 4,333 miles to get to UK. The beans were picked five days ago and were sprayed with chemicals to stop them going brown on the journey. They've been packed in plastic and have travelled by road and air and road.

The second is in the farmers' market which is on Midsummer Common on Sundays. Here you have a paper bag with organic carrots in it that have travelled six miles from the farm where they were picked the day before the market. They have been cleaned by being washed in the field, and they have never been sprayed with any chemicals.

A Solution

We could produce leaflets that tell people about the number of miles that their food travels to get to the supermarkets. We could give them these leaflets outside supermarkets.

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