new york

by: galaxy life


who is the person credited with founding the colony?

by duke of york and other colonists

What year was it founded?


What was the reason for starting the colony?

Not dominated by a religion belief, which gave way to religious freedom for Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews and others.

How did people make money in the colony?

They did trading, and


If there was farming in this colony, what did they grow?

They grew wheat

What religious beliefs did they have in the colony?

Thet had Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews and others.

What kind of schooling did children in this colony get?

They were homeschooled

What else do people need to know about this colony?

There was a lot of farmland

Have a great time at the new york ok bye.

There was a lot of people but lots died at the frist winter and then the Indianians can to the help and tough them all they need to know.