The Palais Garnier

High ceilings, wonderful art, majestic dances

Passe Scenes

These past~scenes are more than just history, they're lifetime~stories.

[scene one]: This theatre started and lasted through 1821-1873. In 73, the theatre burnt down. Also, Napoleon III survived an assassination on his way to the theatre which gives more a reason to make a new one.

[scene two]:Napoleon III started building in 1882 but construction was paused for the French-Purasian war and was used as a warehouse. (after war) Since the old theatre was burnt, the government decided to finish the building.

Architectural Palais

This place is may be old, but it is truly the real~deal.

[scene one]: the first building was designed by Francois Debret. Since it burned down, it was going to me re~made. However they needed a new architect, and after a contest, the chosen person was a man called Charles Garnier.

[scene two]: the site was was suggested by Baron Haussman, owner of a nearby theatre. The Garnier was founded by Louis XIV, and took 15 years to build.

Ballet Or Theatre?

This opera~house is full of cool facts, cool history, and amazing operas.

[scene one]: opening gala is a ballet performance full of classical music, pinned~up buns, white fluffy skirts, and many dancers. Other ballets are performed there as well, but probably not as fancy and awesome as the gala.

[scene two]: the grand staircase is a giant set of stairs that leads the audience members from the entrance --> foyers --> auditorium, and one of the great things in the opera~house. The opera~house is a 19th century architectual master-piece and is one important symbol of the 19th century style.

[scene three]: some interesting plays:

  • phantom of the opera
  • chandelier of de opera
  • etc....

The Phantom Of The Opera

Creepy mysteries, grand masterpieces, and great discoveries. Little did you know, all of these were based on this one thing: The theatre.

[Phantom]: a worker that died in 1896 from a counter weight that fell from chandelier. Believed to be haunted from ^^^, was called "The Phantom".

[Lake]: water was found underneath the the place where the theatre was going to be built after cleared for construction. Was believed to be a lake

[Staircase]: the grand staircase is one of the opera~house's famous masterpieces. Leads people/audience to entrance to foyers to auditorium. 90~feet~high, made of marble and splits.

[about]: 2,000 seats. Successor to the theatre de l'academie royale de muisque (burnt down in 1873). Main hall ceiling painted in 1964, interesting difference to 19th century culture/economy.

Map Of France!!!!

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