Crew's News

May 9 - May 13

What are we up to?

Writing - Informational Writing Review

Reviewing concepts from the year

Math - Reviewing and extending math concepts


MobyMax -

Science: Animal Unit

***Please encourage your child to work on MobyMax reading or math in the evenings (and through the summer) I am able to hand pick specific lessons they need to improve upon and if they move past them, MobyMax picks a harder lesson for them to try next. It is a fantastic way to strengthen your child's learning.

Important Dates:


  • May 3 - Shomar's Spirit Night
  • May 11 - McAlisters Spirit Night
  • May 16 - Nishie G's Spirit Night
  • May 20 - NO SCHOOL
  • May 25 - Zaxby's Spirit Night
  • May 30 - Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)
  • May 31 - Field Day (see details below)

Box Tops are collected every Friday

Zoo Trip Fun!

School News

We need Field Day volunteers!!!!

Please go to the link below and sign up to volunteer for field day if you would like to.