3-5 RLA Newsletter

September 11, 2015

Good afternoon, 3-5 RLA Team!

Can you believe it's almost the middle of September?!? We have fully completed 5 weeks of school! Check out this week's newsletter for information regarding using MAP data, information about the different components of your reading block, and resources.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Tamlah and Krysten

Pacing Update

You should be within 1 lesson of these lessons for Monday, September 14th. If you are off by more than that, work with Tamlah or your coach to identify ways to adjust your pacing so students are prepared for ANet in October.

Third Grade: Unit Two, Lesson Ten

Fourth Grade: Unit Two, Lesson Nine

Fifth Grade: Unit One, Lesson Ten

Quick Note re. Block Components

This is a reminder that your daily RLA block should include the following components:

- Grammar and word work

- ENY Lesson

- Workstations with guided reading

We have seen evidence of grammar and ENY lessons every day. Our goal is to start Guided Reading no later than the end of September. There will be a PD on Wednesday, September 23rd, focused on supporting implementation. Make sure you have already completed the 20 day roll-out of workstations so you are ready to implement guided reading soon. Need support? Check out Tamlah's resources on SharePoint or email her!

The inclusion of workstations and guided reading is critical as this is when you will actually teach skills students need to develop their independent reading skills. The ENY lesson do not target word attack strategies, phonics, or fluency at instructional level. This has to happen in guided reading. We're excited to get this rolling in classrooms!

Using MAP Data

Check out the link below for how to use RIT scores to meet individual student skill needs. Use this information to differentiate instruction, workstations, and homework. Need more support on acting on your MAP data? See Krysten!

Krysten Wendell

Director of Curriculum and Instruction