Tropical Wet

I wonder what the screensavers in a Tropical area look like!


Tropical areas are only found along the equator.

Tropical moist climates extend northward and southward from the equator to about 15 to 25° of latitude, large tropical wet areas are found in Brazil, the Democratic Republic, and Indonesia.

Yearly Precipitation

What's a king's favorite type of precipitation? Hail!

Tropical wet gets its name from its yearly rainfall. It sometimes rains everyday, mostly in the mornings. The reason for so much is because the high temperatures evaporate the water keeping the area in a high humidity. Moat areas receive over 100 inches of rain a year although some may get up to 300 inches.
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Seasons and Temperature Range

As our Earth revolves around the sun the equator always receives direct sunlight and warmth throughout the entire year. Direct sunlight is different than indirect sunlight. Indirect sunlight may not deliver warmth--similar to the light that hits the polar areas, but direct sunlight mean light and warmth.

Factors Affecting CLimate

The climate on eastern sides of continents are influenced by maritime tropical air masses. These air masses flow out from the moist western sides of high-pressure cells, and bring lots of summer rain. These summers are warm and humid. It also rains a lot in the winter.