Women Suffrage

By: Mackenzie Dowell

What is Women Suffrage?

· Only since 1920 have women been allowed to vote.

· The Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution gave women the right to vote.

· Many men in American wanted women to vote, there just weren't enough of them to make it happen.

· The contribution of women to the war effort increased support for a suffrage movement

· The Nineteenth amendment was created because of the suffrage movements.

The Women Want to Vote!

Educated women questioned why the immigrant poorly educated men get to vote and they don’t. Women help out a lot too, like women had active participation during World War I. The women start a protest, by standing with sighs marching down the street. By letting people know there beliefs, congress finally came up with the nineteenth amendment.

The Nineteenth amendment was introduced to congress in 1919, but passed in 1920. The amendment said “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”

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Women Around the World.

· Canadian women where influenced by English and U.S suffrage movements

· Women is a few places in Canada could vote by 1916, but others had to wait until 1940

· After the war in Great Britten the attitudes toward the enfranchisement of women were more favorable

· Women suffrage happened around the world like during the early 1900’s women suffrage happened in Finland, Germany, and Sweden.

· And during the mid-1900’s, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, and other nations gave women the vote.

· In 1918, Canada and the United Kingdom granted women the right to vote.

Women's Suffrage in the 20th Century

Impotant Women.

Women helped and did great things in history that most kids don’t learn about.

· Like, Grace Hopper, who pioneered the “user-friendly” computer system and the term “bug” for a computer program.

· Virginia Apgar, came up with the checkup called the Apgar score (which is done right after your born) And this saved thousands of lives.

· Charlotte Anne Bunch, she helped shape the feminist movement worldwide as founder of the Center for Women's Global Leadership at Rutgers University.

· Pearl S. Buck, was the first American women to win the Noble Prize for Literature, and won the Pulitzer Prize for The Good Earth.

The Free rights.

· Between 1890 and 1920, 15 states passed laws giving women the right to vote.

· 12 other states allowed women to vote in presidential elections.

· In 1910 in only Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Washington, women could vote

· When the House of Representatives approved of the nineteenth amendment in 1918, the Senate defeated it.

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How did the participants demonstrate their belief system through their protests?

They showed that they beveled that everyone should be treated equally no matter the race nor gender. The women knew that men had the right to vote and they wanted that right too. having the same right will show that every one is equal and deserves a say in everything. Just because they are women does not mean that we are not strong when united together as one!