Global Warming

Killing Our Planet?!


You may be thinking exactly WHAT Global Warming is. Well, global warming is the cause of humans burning too many "fossil fuels"(basically a type of fuel that naturally comes from plants or animals) which causes a greenhouse effect. This basically means that a bunch of unwanted toxins and gases are heating up our planet like a microwave oven, but we just can't feel it...yet.


As you have read before, greenhouse effects are basically just heating up our planet... A LOT. A good example of a greenhouse effect is like when you open a sauna. Steam and heat come booming out of it. That sauna represents our Earth. Pollution and heat build up inside it and compress, until finally, BOOM! The pollution and heat combust into a giant cloud of awfulness... that also harms our planet. But that's just greenhouse effects in a nutshell. There's plenty more to them, it's just VERY scientific and sophisticated; those facts wouldn't be any good to a 5th grader

Warmer Every Year

Did you know that the ten warmest years on record occurred in the last 20 years? This may seem like were lying, but I assure you, IT"S THE TRUTH. That's Global Warming for ya! But humans aren't just the only beings that contribute to this. Wildfires can emit greenhouse gases and that pollutes our planet also. So many bad things can hurt our innocent planet! There is plenty of science behind global warming, but we will get into that later.


Now, many people may be thinking by now, "So what about global warming? We're just humans! We can't stop what naturally happens!", but that's where they are wrong, because global warming isn't NATURAL! Humans may be the main contributors to global warming but it doesn't mean we can't try to stop this! By burning less fossil fuels humans can stop global warming from becoming very severe! And just remember, if you don't try to stop this, who will? The future of the Earth is in your hands(no pressure).

Where in the world did we find this info?

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