Standing Against the Wind

By: Traci L. Jones


Patrice Williams- a teenage girl, wild hair, cook, intelligent, independent

Monty Freeman- a teenage boy, his in a gang, inside he's smart, caring, troublemaker


Chicago, Patrice's her apartment, school


She a teenage girl who gets bullied, she wants to turn the for African American Boarding school.


"Don't worry. They won't. Trust that." p.110 Many people that get bullied don't know that they can get protected and most people say it if something happened.

"Girl, we ain't rich" p.111 Some children thing that guardians or parents have money but most of the time they don't.

"In the pictures she had of her, her mother had simply looked pretty, but in person she was beautiful." p. 130-131 Never judge someone into you meet them in person.


Patrice Williams is a 13 year old girl who had to move countries because her mother was going to prison she also lived in the past. The move was hard because in the beginning she wasn't living with her mother she was living with her father's grandmother plus it was from Georgia to Chicago. It was very difficult for her because she had puffy hair which was hard enough. She began to live with her auntie which was in an apartment it made it bad for her because they were always a group of guys that smoked and bullied her. Cherise is her sister that she hardly get to see plus she a hairstylist who works at Cut'n'Style but she hardly get to go home so Patrice has to do her chores for her. Monty Freeman is also a 13 year old boy who always questions her why she does it while his brother gets tutored by Patrice. The only reason she does the chores is because she thinks Cherise is going to get kicked out of the apartment.