By Alan Gratz


This book is realistic fiction because its a true story, but there might be some things that are a little off. The main character in this book is named Jacob but his friends and family call him Yanek. Yanek is a young boy who shows a lot of empathy and is very brave. He has a problem, the Nazis are coming and terrorizing his apartment building. They're taking everything from everyone who are Jews.In the book there's so much fights and beatings happening. Everything is really sad and makes you really depressed. Its such a sad story of how someone would have to live through all of those beatings and cruelty.My favorite part of the book was when the meanest kapo(guard) actually gave Yanek gave him some of his bread. Yanek was so suprised when he actually gave him some bread. He thought the guard would beat him to death mercy-less. This book deserves a 5 star rating. It's such a good and action packed book. The book has so many twists and turns and you'll never see them coming. Now, will you hop in your wooden boots and read the book?


This book has been nominated by the Goodreads Choice Awards for best Middle Grades and Chidlrens.


This book is a true story and a boy had to live through the Holocaust and had been moved throughout 10 different concentration camps.


The author Alan Gratz has published 8 books in his career. He was born January 27th, !972