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dario campos

dario campos

The president of the council Dario Campos after saving a man of 82 years of a heart attack in the street the first to come to the aid of this man was Campos who, from afar, saw Emilio collapsed to the ground Vilaboa. At the time, Campos ran towards him to lend support while Alvaro Santos called 061.

Contacted with the Emergency Service, the president of the council was following the directions they gave, by telephone, from 061, while awaiting the arrival of an ambulance. The three participated in one way or another, in saving this man, but Dario Campos had more prominence because it was the one who took the initiative to give resuscitation


If they are not there, the attack would have irreversible consequences. Those first three minutes were vital. Both the man and the other who accompanied him took turns resuscitation without knowing anything. We are very grateful, especially because it is not common to find people like that in the times

Begoña Vilaboa, daughter of the man who suffered the heart attack, which the mayor, Lara Mendez, told from the place of what had happened to his father. The mayor called her to tell what happened and to accompany her mother very nervous.