Oregon Institute of Technology

Obstetric Medical Sonographer

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Volunteer work

  • Hospital volunteer

*This volunteer work will help me get used to the environment i would be in when i become a Medical Sonographer.

School information

  • Located in Klamath Falls
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer program
  • About $135,622 (4 years including books, application fee, etc.)
  • GPA between 2.50-3.00
  • Higher SAT/ACT if low GPA
  • 3,863 students attending OIT
  • Student/teacher ratio as low as 14:1

Location Information

  • Klamath Falls
  • Ice skating, hiking
  • Very cold
  • Mountains

Downtown Klamath Falls

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Paying for College

  • Finacial aide
  • Job
  • FAFSA due beginning of senior year
  • scholarships: Drummond Family, Grants Pass Cinic, etc.

Post High School Goals

  • Graduate with GPA of 3.00 or better
  • Get accepted into OIT
  • earn scholarships to help pay for college
  • Earn Bachelors degree for Medical Sonographer

Classes to Help Achieve Goals

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Emergency Care
  • Body Works
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