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Where do you think is the best place to talk about God/Jesus?
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Sidewalk Prophets - Smile (Official Lyric Video)
Won't Worry 'Bout A Thing | Shipwrecked VBS | Group Publishing

Prayer Time

Having trouble not knowing what or who to pray for? Use the 5 finger prayer to help you pray.

Thumb: Those who are closest to you and your family.

Pointer: Those who point you in the right direction (like your teachers and pastors) - pray for wisdom.

Tallest: Those who lead us (like the government and leaders in the community) - pray for guidance.

Ring: Those who are weak, sick, in trouble, or need healing.

Pinky: Our prayers for ourselves.

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Weekly Bible Stories

Continuing with Book of Acts

Video 1: Have you ever been scared? How did God help Paul to be brave when the ship crashed? How can God help you through troubled times?

Video 2: Why was Paul going to Rome? While he was there waiting for his trail, what did he do?

The Book of Acts for Kids #11: The Shipwreck | Q12L6
The Book of Acts for Kids #12: Paul in Rome | Q12L7

Song - Never Let Go of Me

Remember God has a hold of you - through every storm you go through. It's your job to remember He is there for you. Don't forget that!!
Never Let Go Of Me | Shipwrecked VBS | Group Publishing
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