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Great News - Kids Time with Christ (KTWC) will be starting back up soon!!! However, we need volunteers. If you are able to help, please contact Karen Myers ( or 913-526-7269). Thanks!!

Morning Prayer

Prayer Time

God is there to help you through the rough times as well as the good times. God is listening to what you have to say. Not sure how to pray? Simply talk with God - He's listening!!!

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Weekly Bible Story

The Golden Rule

How would you like to be treated? With kindness or hatred? Why?

How does God want us to treat others? Why do you think He said this?

Remember: God LOVES all His creatures. He doesn't care if they are tall, short, smart, black, white, blond hair, brown hair, poor, wealthy. So, if God can love ALL, why can't we be kind to ALL and treat others they way we want to be treated?

Primary Year D Quarter 1 Episode 01:"The Golden Rule"
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