From Beans to Chocolate

By: Hayder.H


Have you ever ate chocolate? Well do u ask where does chocolate come from? Well you will find out.


It first comes from a cocao tree.They use mashadys to cut coco.after it gets cut down.It gets sent to a farm. They check if its clean. Than gets sent to the factory.


Truck's or ships take them in packcich. The coco beans get rosetted in ovins. Then the shells are removed. Than the coco gets shiwshd. Than it get molded. Or or coco ponder or melted coco.


Than it gets int trucks. Or ships or even plans. at the shop its really popeler. At ships it get put in box. In the plan it gets put in the back.At the ship it gets put in the front .

Fun Facts

Did you know that chocolate are mad out of beans .


Now you lerd about chocolate. Now its mad. Now go ahead and eat you chocolate.
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