happiness is homemade

Because home always bring the happiness

menyediakan roti dengan bahan kualitas baik, tanpa pengawet dan higienis

our best for you

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Gedung Bukopin lt. 6 (Dkkn)

Price list

idr 3000 : milky pie, choco pie
idr 4000 : Cokelat dan keju, blueberry pie, greentea pie, nuttella pie
idr 4500 : Ogura puff, mocca bun, milky toast
idr 5000 : Cheesy matcha, Chococheese, triplets, chicken bun
idr 5500 : Cinnamon roll, Floss
idr 6000 : Sosis mayo, floss roll bun
idr 6500 : mini pizza, mini burger

we also serve cupcake, large pie, and other cake for your personal occasion