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What a cold week!

What a cold week this has been! We are so grateful for the warm up to 20 degrees! Just as a reminder, students stay indoors when the feels like is below 20 degrees. Please be sure to have them bundled for the weather that allows us to be outside...

Students are being pulled in the lottery for next year, be sure to tell your friends! Here is the link to the lottery:

We have a school holiday coming up on February 20... I didn't have my February calendar updated, so I figured it would be a good reminder too!

We are looking forward to the internet and social media assembly on February 10 with Detective Stewart! Parents are encouraged to attend and we will Facebook live it too. This will be a great chance to hear about how to protect students and others in online situations!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this newsletter! I know that there are repeats, but I hope that the calendar and pictures make it worthwhile!

As always, we appreciate all you do to support the school and the students who learn here!

Sara Tucker



Calendaring Items

February 6: Chat and Chew with Ms. Sara at 4pm in the junior high commons

February 10: 2pm Internet and Social Media Safety Assembly with Detective Stewart. PARENTS INVITED AND ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND!! This is a great chance to hear about how to protect students and others in all kinds of online situations.

February 15: STEAM Night 6-7pm

February 15: gratitude luncheon for First Responders at noon.

February 17: Science Fair

February 20: No school for President's Day

February 27-March 3 : Literacy Week

Match 2 Literacy Night

Ongoing Reminders:

Lost and Found: The lost and found in the lobby and the Junior High Commons are overflowing! Please come and check to see if your student's missing jacket or notebook are in there!

Safety First!

Please pull forward to allow others to drop off students...the backup incurred is from folks stopping at the turn or not pulling forward and the traffic backs up.

Please also do not park at the curb and walk your student in. If you are wanting to walk your student in, please park in a stall and then use the crosswalk to walk your student(s) in. This helps to keep the line moving as well.

PLEASE use the crosswalks and wait for the crossing assistants to create a safe environment! This morning alone there were several near misses as folks crossed from in between cars... safety is a priority! If you need to run something into the school or help your child, please park in a parking space and not along the drop off zone. This will help with keeping the flow of traffic consistent. Please be patient and kind with other drivers as well. Blinkers, patience, and a deep breath go a long way.


We have had far too many incidents with troubling cell phone behaviors. We have asked that cell phones not be used during the school day. Students have access to school phone should a call need to be made. They have laptops to use for schoolwork and school related research.

Please support us as we work to keep students from running into problems with having their phone out to answer a text.

We spoke with the entire Junior High about not having phones out at all during the day due to the incidents that have occurred in the last couple of weeks. If they do have their phone out, it will be given to a teacher to hold onto till the end of the day. Should it occur again, parents will be notified and a meeting will be held to discuss the situation and. to come in to pick up the phone.

Students were told that they may have their phone with them, but we ask that they not. be texting, calling, looking things up, etc, during school time. Exceptions are made for those who has accommodations in their IEP or 504 plans.

picture on how to sign up for Smith's rewards for the school is below...

Pokemon cards, toys, and candy:

Please encourage your student to not bring these items to class. They have become an issue with being taken, played with during instruction, and distracting from the lessons.

Snow in general: One of the goals during the snowy season it to be open for regular hours. We do this because not all parents are able to take time off for delayed starts and also allow for grace and courtesy for those who choose to come in later or stay home. We do our very best to make sure that the parking lot and sidewalks are cleared for safety at school. Please be safe and make the decisions that are best for you and your family. If you choose to stay home please call the office to excuse the absence.


Volunteer opportunities: We would love a couple of volunteers to help with the cross walk in the mornings and afternoons! Please reach out to Ms. Sara ( to sign up! We could use volunteers to help with judging the Science Fair...Reach out to Ms. Nicoletta ( for additional information.

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Our Mission

The mission of Maria Montessori Academy is to provide an individualized education that promotes academic excellence founded on the authentic philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. Maria Montessori Academy will craft each child’s education in partnership with educators and parents to achieve higher levels of academic, personal and social achievement, thereby preparing students to become constructive contributors to their community.

Fee schedule for 2023-2024 discussed in the Board Meeting on January 10 and February 21