The Moon

by Matthew M.

3 cool gravity/moon facts

1. The moon orbits earth because of gravity.

2. Because of gravity, bigger objects pull smaller ones toward them.

3. Gravity on the moon is six times less then earth.

Q/A section

1. Q: What makes the moon orbit earth?

A: Gravity pulls on the moon making it move around the earth!

2. Q: Is the moon smooth?

A: No, the moon has craters and mountains!

3. Q: Why does the moon appear to change?

A: Because it is moving around earth, making it appear to change shape!

Crater Facts

1. Craters are caused by asteroids and meteors.

2. Craters can be ten feet deep.

3. Craters can be any size ten feet or shallower.

Moon Walker!

Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon!

In 1969 he became a MOON WALKER!!

Moon Phases

1. New moon

2. Crescent moon

3. Half moon

4. Full moon

5. Gibbous moon


An eclipse only happens when the earth, moon ,and sun line up in a strait line.

This is a picture of what it might look like from earth.