Come One Come All!!!

Travel to a new planet able to sustain life.

Welcome To Mearth

Basic Information

This balmy planet is located a short ride over to the closest galaxy Canis Major Dwarf. So you're not to far from home. Having its main star being a red dwarf this planet is much cooler then earth. Its 1/3 the distance to the sun compared to earth. It's 3/4 the size of earth so space is limited. It has volcanos to keep it warm. Also it doesn't have moving plates so no earthquakes.

Why have Volcanos?

Well, the volcanos on this planet play a very important roll. Since the sun is smaller and cooler this planet needs a little more heat to allow life. So when volcanos erupt they real ease tons of carbon that goes into the atmosphere and heats the planet.

Did You Hear No Earthquakes

Yes, this planet has no plate movement. This stops earthquakes. Earthquakes are cased when tectonic plates smash into each other. Here there are no plates to no earthquakes can occur.

Is It Too Cold?

No, actually it will be about the same as earth. Yes, even with the smaller star (a Red Dwarf) the planet is still hot. It isn't as hot as earth so it will be like California all year. This is because of the distance. Our planet is closer to the then earth is to it's sun. Mearth is about 3/4 the distance.

What About Size? And Place?

This planet is smaller so space is limited. Come now before it's too late. And don't worry about going to far away. This planet is the closest galaxy away in the Canis Major Dwarf galaxy.