Claude Moore Community Builders

Mentor Program Information

2nd Year Claude Moore Builders

Hello Everyone,

We are so thrilled that you all are so excited to return for a second year. What we hope to accomplish during this year is:

Provide you with more skills that will benefit you in upcoming years as you move toward college and young adulthood;

Provide you with more leadership skills and nonprofit experience as you learn what is involved in actually serving on a board of directors as you plan and carry out the next program year;

Provide you with opportunities to hone your particular talents as you serve on a committee that is most suited to your talents and desires;

Provide you with mentor opportunities to help someone else along their path toward leadership and self-awareness.

Committees within the Board

Application Committee - This committee will handle the receipt of all applications for the next program year, being sure all documents have been received with appropriate signatures, communicating with applicants to ensure packet completion by due date; reviewing applications, and determining the finalists.



Communications/Social Media