Parent-Family-Community Connections

November/December 2021 Edition

Take Some Time for You and Your Family

This time of the year can be filled with a lot of hustle and bustle. In the rush of it all, remember to slow down and savor the moments. Be intentional about finding ways to spend time, reconnect, and make memories with your family. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Winter has arrived! During this time of the year, families may be focusing on upcoming holidays and celebrations or just spending time sharing traditions and family stories. Spending time together not only helps families stay connected, but it also provides opportunities to help increase the language proficiency and academic success of our children.

In this issue, information is provided around some of the following topics:

  • At-home learning opportunities

  • Ways to connect and volunteer with community agencies

  • Winter activities to keep your child engaged

  • Self-care tips for the holiday season

Free English Exercises Online - ESL Interactive Learning

Engage in exercises for all Emergent Bilinguals with online grammar activities, vocabulary videos, and interactive quizzes.

Check out English Media Lab for more information.

In this issue, information is provided around some of the following topics:

  • Language Proficiency Assessment Committee

  • Helpful Websites for At-Home Learning

  • Fall At-Home Activities

  • Self-Care Tips

Emergent Bilingual Parent & Family Portal

The EL Portal is a valuable website for the whole family, with information for parents to help their child in school, tools for students and links to community resources. The portal is available in several languages.

We engourage you to share this link with the parents and families of Emergent Bilingual students.

Click Here for the EL Parent & Family Portal

Web Portal Navigation Video

The helpful web portal navigation video above will show parents how to access information on the EL Portal. The video is available in both English and Spanish. Click on the picture above or on any of the links below:

English Video

Spanish Video

Region 7 Emergent Bilingual Family Engagement

Joseph Pino

Emergent Bilingual Family Empowerment Specialist

Please share this current edition of the Parents and Families Newsletter, as well as other resources in this smore with the families of emergent bilingual students.