Playground Equipment

By Korey Carroll

Define the Problem

The problem of this is project is to make playground equipment that includes 6 elements, is one solid structure, and it must be safe.


Most kids like to play on things they can jump on, climb on, and other physical activities. As a kid I loved playing on slides, monkey bars, and things of that nature. Most play sets has monkey bars, slides, swings, ladders, and a fireman pole. Below are pictures and descriptions of the plaground equipment I just stated:
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Fireman Pole

A pole that goes down the side of a playground that kids can slide down on. It is on a lot of playgrounds.
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A ladder that kids can climb up and down on that is usually attached to the playground. This is on a lot of playgrounds and is one of my favorite.

Develop Possible Solutions

Choose the Best Solution

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Create a Prototype

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Test and Evaluate

  • We don't like the round mountain did not work because it was harder to climb on.
  • We don't like that the kids don't have something that attach to them if they fall off. kids could fall off and get hurt.
  • We like the zip line because it is safe and fun.
  • We like the swings because you cant get hurt on them and they are fun.


  • We would sell this design to a company by advertising it on TV, billboards and newspapers.
  • The positives of this design is that is is fun and creative.
  • The negatives of this design is that is isn't as safe as other playgrounds and it will probably coast more to make and buy.


  • We made a line with a buckle to put on the kids when they are climbing the mountain.
  • We made the mountain a triangle so it easy to climb on.

3D Model