in the 1950's


What: The discovery of drugs to prevent disease.

Time Period: 1950's

Location: Throughout U.S.

Cause: Dr. Jonas Salk developed vaccine for polio.

Reason: The use of drugs to treat illness had developed.

Result: It saved many lives of the victims of previously deadly diseases.

Significance: Child care became more important during this time, which helped the baby boom.

To Whom: Parents of children and kids.


What: T.V. became more popular.

Time Period: 1949-1956

Location: Throughout U.S.

Cause: The FCC allowed 500 new stations to broadcast.

Reason: Innovations that could transmit television waves.

Result: In 1950 9% of homes had a T.V. set and by 1960 nearly 90% had T.V. sets.

Significance: We still watch T.V. today and this is the ¨golden age"of T.V.

To Whom: The average American who enjoys television.