Africa's four coolest places.

The Atlantic ocean

The Atlantic ocean is the longest ocean in the world it aproxamently covers 41,105,000 square miles thats as long as 19,894,820,000 Football fields! The ocean is connected to the Artic ocean,The greenland sea and the smith sound.Fun things to do include deep sea fishing for Bass and oysters and Windsurf

Red sea

The red sea is long and narrow between Africa and the Arabian Penensula. Its surrounded by hot and dry desserts so the tempature is often heated to 85 degrees farenhight.The sea is not actuly red it looks that way sometimes because of a type of algy called Tychemsephsem.The Salt content of the sea is higher than the worlds avrage it has .5% more salt content than the worlds avrage and in the summer its 1%. It has over 200 spechies and 500 spechies of hard and soft coral.
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Sahara desert.

The sahara is located in libya sudan and cuts threw the lower corner of Egypt.Its the worlds third largest desert and its the worlds hottest.The sahara has apopulation of 2 million people.the sahara covers 8% of the world.
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