plains indians

by Coleman Werts,Coleman Safriet,Cassia Holden, Joy Nahra

How Did Plains Indians Get There Food.

Plains Indians grew corn,beans,squash and sun flowers.Women did not just farm crops but they collected wild plants such as pranie turnips and chokecherries. Men grew tobacco and hunted deer and elk. But the easier meat was bison/buffalo .whole villages took part in driving bison off cliffs before they had horses (before the 1700s) at first plains indians used bow and arrows. But after they traded with the Europeans they used guns.

The Plains Indians Migration

In the summer plains indians nonaic hunter and returned in the fall for the big harvest to the village along missouri before the 1700s. But the plains indians migrated when needed because the shortage of buffalo and other food.

The clothes they wore,and,homes they constructed

They bulit houses called lodges to live in.Lodges are large that are round huts bulit over a large deep hole.Also the indains made buffalo hides.

The clothes they wore were buffalo skin from buffalo.

Culture and Beliefs

The plains indians belived in Ansim. Ansim is reilgious belife every thing on earth is created by a spirit cabale to heal or harm a human in need.


in choosing their leaders plain people valued such qualities such as wisdom,succses,also bravery.Also the leader had to protect their village.Also the leader had to tell signals to warn the villages and tell them there is an enemey.The leader also gave signals when they were hunting when to shoot the bows and when they killed enough bison he gave a signal to stop.( The leader is also called a cheif).