The Injustices Of Judging

By: Michael Aguilar

The Issue

In life we judge people everyday. Think about it if you were walking down the street ,and you saw a man in torn up clothes climb out of an old car you would make the assumption that they are a homeless just based upon the way they look. We are taught to make judgments about people from a very young age, and in many ways making quick judgments about something can help you. But even though making judgments can help you sometimes, we often over look all the other variables at work and end up making misconceptions which often hurts people.

Who It Effects

This injustice does not pertain specifically to one certain age or group because it happens every single day all over the world. Even though it happens to every one it mostly effects a person the most whenever their vulnerable or new to a certain place. For example a person that moved to a new school or place that doesn't know anybody would normally be vulnerable.

Why There Should Be A Monument

There should be a Monument/ Memorial for this injustice because it affects hundreds of millions of people and can lure them into depression and a false state of mind. This injustice really hits home for me because whenever I was a child I would always move around and at every Elementary school I went to everyone thought I was odd because I kept quiet to myself. But in reality I was actually depressed and still coping with my most recent move and for that reason I spent many of my Elementary school years alone. My personal experience with all of this makes me want to stop any others rom experiencing any pain from judging.

The Location

The Location of this Monument should be Located in Oslo, Norway because this is where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. With this location the Injustice of judging people without knowing them will be allowed it's rightful place where some of the worlds most pinnacle achievements have been awarded. This location perfectly suits this memorial because if the world no longer judged others then we could all accomplish so much more together and make revolutionary break throughs.

The Memorial's Purpose

This Memorials purpose is to serve as testament for all of the people and achievements that have been both delayed and hurt by false and judgmental judgments without really knowing who that person is. Its is an issue that needs immediate attention throughout all age groups because no matter who this happens to it can still hurt and cause untold amounts of damage to both the victim and the judger. My personal hope for this memorial is that it will help teach people about how much it hurts to make a strong judgment about people without knowing who they are. I also hope that it will not only raise awareness ,but will also prevent others from making harsh judgments because there has been enough pain caused by this cruel injustice . So will you all look inside your hearts and prevent another person from suffering and help fund my memorial?