Peek at the Week

Week of 10/17/16

SeeSaw- Student Portfolio

Please if you have not yet, register for SeeSaw to follow what we are doing in our class. We try to post each day! These are the directions to be able to sign up!

Dear Parents,

This year we're going to use a new tool to share what we're learning in class called Seesaw. Your child will have his or her own learning journal, and you can get notified when your child adds new items. It's completely private -- only you can see your child's journal outside of class.

Click on to sign up -- it takes just 30 seconds.

Once you sign up, you can download the Seesaw Parent app for iPhone or Android, or access your child's journal on the web.


P.S. If you have more than one child using Seesaw, or want to add a new class/school year for your child, follow the link in this email, then click 'Sign in' tab at the top. You do not need to create a new account.

Vocabulary Words

The students have their vocabulary test on Tuesday of next week. These are words that we have been practicing all week in school, and I sent a sheet home with all of the words and definitions earlier this week. The vocabulary tests are simple, they match the word to the definition for all ten words in a multiple choice format. If the students study these at school when they are given time, and at home the night before they should be able to do well on these tests. In case they did not bring home their list this week, here it is:

beckoned: signaled with a movement of the hand or head

debate: a formal public discussion about specific issues

decorated: things added to something to make it more attractive

gradually: done slowly or over time

hesitated: paused before saying or doing something

inflated: filled and expanded it with air or another gas

prodded: strongly encouraged a person to do something

scanned: to look closely

shaken: to be emotionally upset about an event

stalled: to have come to a stop unexpectedly

This week:

Monday- Music/PE

Tuesday- Media/PE

All Group Band

Wednesday- Music/PE

Reward Day from the Boosterthon

Thursday- NO SCHOOL


Reward Day from Boosterthon

On Wednesday students can do the following since they earned these rewards as a part of the Boosterthon!

1) Bring Blankets to school to build a blanket fort

2) Wear PJs

3) Because we will be having a movie/popcorn in the afternoon they can also bring pop/juice or a special drink to school to drink at that time.


Conferences are on Monday and Tuesday, if you have not gotten a time yet you can call the office to set up a time during my open slots.


Because of MEA there is no school on Thursday or Friday.