Please Help Me Empower our Youth!

An Appeal to Floyd "Money" Mayweather

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Who Am I?

Mr. Mayweather:

My name is Agyei Tyehimba . I am an educator, author and activist from Harlem, NY. My latest book is entitled, "Truth for our Youth: A Self-Empowerment Book for Teens." I'm hoping you will help me get this important book into the hand and heads of our youth. But first, an important fact to consider:

Black children and youth are in crisis . They are under-supported, negatively depicted and perceived, and victimized by poverty, racism and pervasive hopelessness. They comprise one of the United States' most vulnerable populations. A recent study by the Annie Casey Foundation ranked various racial and ethnic groups of youth according to 12 important categories (health, education, employment, etc.) Each group received a score based on its performance in all categories. Sadly but not surprisingly, Black youth scored the lowest of all groups.

About My Book

My book represents one solution to this crisis. Based based on my 25 years of experience as a public schoolteacher, school founder, youth development worker, and activist, it contains information, habits, and life lessons designed to help our young people avoid societal traps, love themselves, manage peer pressure and time, become culturally connected, develop their skills and character, and live empowered and purposeful lives. The second part of the book is designed to properly equip parents and other adults to use this book with young people. It explains the importance of working with young people, and the current states of educational and social affairs for youth in the United States.

My Goal

Mr. Mayweather: Simply put, I KNOW that the information in my book will help youth become confident, motivated and successful. Therefore, I'm humbly asking that you or your foundation purchase copies of my book and give them to young people in our community that need them. I am more than willing to address any questions/concerns you might have. You can contact me by using the information below. I can also send you a free copy of my book (the audio book version) for you to review.
Truth for our Youth Book Trailer for adults