My Leprechaun Trap



Will the Leprechaun be caught?


My trap will catch the leprechaun and I will get all his gold. Then lock him in the castle forever.

Procedure / How I will catch him.

First the layout of the place is a big castle. The walls will be made out cardboard., the pillars are made out of toilet paper tubes. There will be cones on top of the tubes. In the middle of my castle there is a cauldron full of fake gold. The color of the castle is grayish, like a mid evil castle. The draw bridge has a clover on it, with some spikes all around the front of the castle. When the draw bridge is down there is a red carpet that leads him to the gold. Their is a net that surrounds the entrance and the back wall. He walks on a pressure plate that makes the door go up.
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My first trap was, he walks in and tries to pick up the cauldron full of gold. But then a rock tied to a string goes up behind the cauldron and drops a net on the leprechaun and cauldron. But that did not work. So I made a castle that has a cauldron full of gold in it. He walks in and then BAM the door closes behind him and he is stuck in a net.


My trap worked and I got all his gold, plus he is locked in the castle forever. With a stuff four leaf clover to keep him company!