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August 2019

The Tot Spot Early Education Academy

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Big picture

Special Events and Birthdays!!


August 18th- Cayden's Birthday

Current Events:

August 12- Ms. Mikayla moves up to the Sawyers.

August 26- 1st Day of Preschool!

August 31- Physical due

form can be found on

Future Events:


October 18 - Tuttles Field Trip

Upcoming Zoophonics Friends

Welcome back Zoophonics Friends! Our first few weeks of August will be review weeks as we all get settled into a new classroom with new friends!

Week of August 5th- All About Me week

Week of August 12th- Review

Week of August 19th- Review

Week of August 26th- Lizzie Lizard week

New to our school? Check out links at the end of the newsletter to learn the sounds and Zoophonics song.

PTO and Vacations

Did you know we have a PTO? Interested in helping out? Please see Ms. LeAndra or Ms. Alisha.

Who do you contact concerning vacation credit? Please email Mr. Mike at

In the Classroom!

I can't believe that the Stuart's will be moving up to the Sawyers classroom this month! We are excited to see some of our old friends and ready to move on to some more big kid projects. For the first week will be talking about our families and ourselves in our All About Me week. Then we will be doing lots of review on colors, shapes, and zoophonics as we get settled into our new classroom and new teachers. Then we hop back into zoophonics with Lizzie Lizard week! We'll be cooking up lizard lunches, getting back into What's in the Box Wednesday, and bringing home art made with lizard 'feet' and textured lizard 'skin'.

Remember to bring rain boots or shoes that can get muddy.

  • Remind Me App: It's a free app that we're using to for simple reminders like show and share, friend of the week, physical due dates, etc. Our class code is 26kh9g


Back to school and back to reading! The Scholastic flyers will go out August 13th and are due back on August 23rd. Our online code is HQ686

Fun Facts!

August 19th- National Potato Day!

When it comes to comfort food, it's hard to beat a potato. French fries, mashed potatoes, potato soup to name a few. So this potato day have some fun with your favorite potato day or use of these fun ideas to use potatoes in a whole new way!

The Book Nook

Interstellar Cinderella

All Cinderella wants to do is be a rocket ship mechanic but will her stepsisters foil her plans? Have fun exploring space, rocket ships, and robots with this space-age twist on a classic story.

The Parent's Spotlight

Thank you!!!

  • Thank you for always being willing to donate whenever we ask, we really do appreciate it!

  • Remember there is a suggestion box in the lobby, and we love to hear about ideas to enhance the learning environment for your children.

Would you like to donate?

We could use:

  • Empty plastic jars such as mayonnaise or peanut butter
  • Is there ever a time when you say to yourself, " I wonder if The Tot Spot would want this"? We could use it in so many ways. Everything can turn into a sensory activity or learning experience. So, before you throw out your junk, ask your teacher if it could be used

The Teacher's Spotlight

If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be an why?

  • Ms. Mikayla: My grandpa. He died some years ago and I find myself thinking about him a lot.
  • Ms. Crystal: Marcia (my step-mother) because I'd like her to meet my kids.
  • Ms. Rachel: I would have dinner with my great Grandpa. He died in WWII when my Grandma was 12, and she has always talked how cool of a person he was.
  • Ms. Maggie: I would have dinner with Brett Farve because he was my idol going up and my late preschool teacher Marybeth Wood because she would be so proud of me and how far I've come.
  • Ms. Alisha: All my Tot Spot Graduates from 2012 through now. I miss every single one of them. I run into them from time to time and go to the bday parties and games, but I'd love to spend more time with them. It's so cool to see what's exactly the same from when they were babies and now.

  • Mr. Mike: My Grandparents, because I miss them and they were wonderful who taught me so much

  • Ms. Ayasha: My grandma. Because I miss her being around and cooking for myself and sisters.
  • Ms. Kelsey: I would have dinner with my Grandpa. He was such a fun and loving man, I would love to be able to see him one more time!
  • Ms. Le Andra: Adam Sandler! Because he's freaking hilarious!!
  • Ms. Katie: My family. like a trip back in time to do a big family Thanksgiving that I could take my current family with me on.

The Tot Spotter's Spotlight