Dylan Tillotson

My life!

Im a strong believer of you get what you work for! I am always playing sports, hunting and working on cars. I have an older sister named Prestyn who is 20 and a younger sister named Laney who is 8. Also I have a dad named brian and a mom named Amy. Im normally outside doing something productive. Every sunday morning me and my family go to church at Valley Creek Church.

My Schools

I went to elementary school at Old Settlers Elementary School their address is 2525 Old Settlers Rd, Flower Mound, TX 75022, and their phone number is (469) 713-5993 went to middle school at Shadow Ridge middle School their address is 2050 Aberdeen Dr, Flower Mound, TX 75028, and their phone number is (469) 713-5984 Finally for high school i went to Flower Mound high School and their address is 3411 Peters Colony Rd, Flower Mound, TX 75022, and their number is (469) 713-5192
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My Sport Life

I've always been involved in sports my entire life. From either football, baseball, basketball, to golf i'm always outside and active, or i'm in the weight room lifting weights. You will never see me inside on a nice hot summer day i will always be outside having fun being active!

My job life!

Right now I work at Pet Supply Plus in lewisville I have been working there for about a month now. I love it there because the managers and the other workers there are amazing because there so nice and funny! My other job is every sunday i go to my parents office in Southlake and I do a full clean of there office i do everything that a janitor would be but fora much cheaper price! Another thing I do is my neighbor is a pilot and he flys all the time so when ever he goes on a flight and wont be home for a couple days I go to his house and feed his animals and his cats.
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My Awesome References!

As of right not i work at Pet Supplies Plus and one of my managers is Sarah and she is amazing. The address to there is 291 E ROUND GROVE RD STE 150 LEWISVILLE, TX 75067-3876, And her number is 972-318-2381.

Another reference is one of my neighbors Chuck Dealbakerkey, he is a pilot and he will go on a flight and randomly call me and say hey i need you to go watch the animals for a few days, or when he is home me and him will work on our cars or his yard!His number is (214)-547-3569

Finally Jeff Casarati was and is now my dads best friend him my dad and i love building things and if he needs some help we will go help him build it, for example we helped him build the office he is owning right now and we build a house for his friend. His number is (478)-325-6547