By Mackenzie Riley

Whats it about?

In the book “saved” by the main character Kane is in a group of werewolves and gets taken by a rogue group of werewolves when he is very young. People start to search for him, but two years later stop searching. He is abused and beaten by the group for years and is now twenty one and is now “of age” and can talk to his family through his thoughts, but right as he becomes of age the rogue group says that they are going to let him go into the woods and hunt him down. As he is running away, he finds another man who is a werewolf named shawn. Shawn tries to help Kane escape but now they are both being tracked by the rogue group. Will they both escape, or will they both be hunted down to be in captivity all their lives...


There where no reviews because this is a private book on wattpad